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27 September 2014 @ 07:09 pm
Hey, I don't know how many of you are actually still watching this space, but the time has come!!

Funny to see that the last thing I posted was the link to the Twitition...TPTB never took anything we did that seriously, so DVDs did totally not happen because of it...but at least they did happen. :))
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12 February 2012 @ 12:31 pm
We've enjoyed 13 episodes, 1 unaired pilot and 21 Virtual episodes. It's time. Please make your voice heard and sign the petition below (just one click). If you don't have a twitter, it's easy and quick to create. Share and 'like' the petition on Facebook. Why wait any longer, ABC? We've been waiting long enough.



(Lovely poster made by nervedamaged aka @papermacheskies.)

Thank you for your support!

And much love to Angie Harmon who added a Re-Tweet to the cause. :)

In the reruns this week:

Episode 3x7: Hiding In Plain Sight by mysensitiveside (Original air date: 12/18/09)

Episode 3x8: Monster by random_flores (Original air date: 01/15/2010), the finale of the WMC Virtual Seasons!

Remember these are the last reruns - wmcday is getting closer! Find out how you can contribute on the community.
This week's reruns: A detective from New Orleans assists the club on a case. Meanwhile Jill's love life is getting more complicated. At some point, the girls decide that all of them need a time-out.

Episode 3x5: Shadows Of The Past by inspectorboxer (Original air date: 11/06/09)

Episode 3x6:Girls Just Wanna Have Fundarandkerry (Original air date: 11/27/09)

wmcday is getting closer!

In today's reruns: When the Kiss Me Not case finally comes to an end, it's like nothing Lindsay could have ever imagined.

Episode 3x3:Methods & Madness by liz_estrada (Original air date: 07/31/09)

Episode 3x4: Till Death Do Us Part by demeter94 (Original air date: 10/16/09)

wmcday is less than a month away now!
Today at 2 PM EST, the VS reruns resume with Season 3, two episodes back to back and a BANG! Kiss Me Not is back to haunt our favorite ladies, with possibly disastrous results.

Episode 3x1: Beginning Of The End by inspectorboxer (Original air date: 07/17/09)

Episode 3x2: Haunted by demeter94 (Original air date: 07/24/09)

Dear listeners,

I realize you don't normally see me posting to this community, but I have an announcement to make regarding the upcoming show airing LIVE at 10 PM EST, Thursday, March 31st, which I think many of you will be interested in:

Your Favorite Show 2.0 - Virtual Season Creators Sue Beck, Calliopes Muse & Inspector Boxer


After a two-month vacation in the worlds of Internet television and original literature, F4F Radio finally completes its return to the land of unabashed fanfic in tonight's segment. During this show we'll be discussing something that doesn't even exist in many fandoms, the "Virtual Season". Typically the virtual season comes into existence only after the cancellation of a television series, and picks up exactly where the series finale left off. So yes, it's basically a fan fiction series, but one which is created, plotted, and written by a committee of authors. Dedicated members of the fandom who say "the show must go on", but in the direction they want it to go, even if that is a direction the show's writers never intended. Tonight's show will feature three guests representing four different virtual seasons, all of which featured two female cast members as the primary couple. We'll have on Sue Beck, one of the original creators of the long-running "Xena: Warrior Princess" VS; calliopes_muse, who was partly responsible for the Otalia-centric VS for "Guiding Light"; and returning guest inspectorboxer, who did double duty as a writer for the "Women's Murder Club" VS, followed by the ongoing "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" VS. We'll be talking specifically about the virtual seasons they helped create, and more generally about virtual seasons as a whole. Joining me as my cohost will be beesandbrews, who herself was a writer/producer for virtual seasons of the animated series "Gargoyles" and the BBC drama "Torchwood".

As always, you can either tune in live, giving you the opportunity to call into the show, or participate in the BTR chatroom. Or you can download the .mp3 recording from the site starting April 1st. Hope you'll listen in!

Sincerely, Allaine
Femslash4Fans Radio
26 March 2011 @ 07:00 pm
Stay tuned for tonight's rerun on wmc_vs, the action-packed Season 2 finale Deliver Us From Evil.

Please note: There'll be a one-week break in the re-runs, and they'll return on April 9th with your usual double feature.

Episode 2x13: Deliver Us From Evil by inspectorboxer (Original air date: 02/13/09)

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19 March 2011 @ 06:59 pm
Tonight on wmc_vs:

Tough times for the club: One of their own has gotten on the killer's radar.

Episode 2x11: Thy Will Be Done Part 1 by inspectorboxer (Original air date:01/23/09)

Episode 2x12: Thy Will Be Done Part 2 by inspectorboxer (Original air date: 02/06/09)

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VS promo poster by grumpybear1031
Tonight's reruns on wmc_vs:

There's no rest for the brave and the beautiful: Cindy investigates a cult that might have ties to the Hallelujah Man. In the following episode, Jill is confronted with a past trauma.

Episode 2x9: Leap Of Faith by demeter94 (Original air date:12/19/08)

Episode 2x10: by darandkerry and grumpybear1031 (Original air date: 01/09/09)

Follow us on twitter @wmc_vs and don't forget to check out wmcday.